Editor 1 reviews ‘EXO’s Showtime’ Part 2!

Editor 1 here.

I will review/recap the second episode of ‘EXO’s Showtime’.

The question that was asked to the group today was about what they did after all their promotional activities were over for a day. The friendly people at MBC Every1 showed the activities of the members during one evening.

The group divided into four teams: D.O (All by Myself), Suho and Kai (The Dog Whisperers), Chen, Luhan, Lay, and Xiumin (EXO 4/6 M), and Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Tao, Kris, and Sehun (4 Grande and 1 Short, Yes, this is a Starbucks reference).

I will talk about each team and my thoughts about it.

 1. D.O.

We see D.O in a van (team van?) all by himself. He is singing to himself and I realize that D.O has better English pronunciation than some native speakers I know and that SM should really let EXO sing live more often. He is the only one that is spending time alone. I don’t blame him. If I were in a group with 11 other people I would probably want to get away from them once in awhile.

D.O’s location of choice? The Yongsan Station CGV movie theater. Korean shows do such a horrendous job at blurring out names of brands that I was able to notice what movie theater it is right away. D.O has a bit of trouble finding the theatre and ends up getting a call from Suho. Suho ends up being that guy who never knows when to hang up the phone. The two have a conversation while D.O is looking for the theatre and Suho spends most of the time talking to no one. We hear Suho and Kai encouraging D.O to eat a lot of popcorn by himself and also to drink 4 sodas (Why? I don’t know).

D.O chooses a movie that is in 4D. If you have never watched a 4D movie, I recommend it. I watched ‘Puss in Boots’ in 4D in Seoul and it was super cool. The chairs moved to mimic riding a carriage and water even sprayed out in a scene where the characters where being splashed with water.

We learn that D.O likes nachos and not popcorn and won’t buy a special popcorn combo set because it is expensive but is willing to shell out money for extra nacho cheese sauce.

I think D.O definitely has a unique personality. He does seem to enjoy his own personality and is seen playing with all the touch screens at the theater. Most of them don’t work and his reactions are pretty cute.

That was pretty much it for D.O.

2. Chen, Luhan, Lay, and Xiumin.

I think these 4 showed what this show is really about. You see what they like to do in their free time (go bike riding, skateboarding, and basketball playing) near the Han River.

The highlight (for me at least) was when the 4 sat down to eat. If there is anything I learned about EXO is that they like to eat, a LOT. The 4 indulge in some snacks from the convenience store.

I am really impressed with the Korean skills of all the Chinese members of EXO. They are really good! Lay mentions at one point that Xiumin was recognized by an elderly man while going to the bathroom. This causes the others to tease him that he is the ‘trend’ these days. Xiumin gets embarrassed by it and Lay proceeds to ask the others what kinds of comments give them burdens. Chen mentions that he gets burdened when people tell him he sings well but likes it when people tells him he dances well (Oh, Chen).

I kind of wish they spent more time on things like this since it shows a deeper side to EXO.

Luhan gives good advice and says that the best way to learn Korean (or any language) is to date someone from that country. I agree. It works. Is that why Luhan’s Korean is so good? Actually, he did study at Yonsei University’s Language School so his Korean obviously is the best out of all the Chinese members.

I really enjoyed the part with these 4. It had the most depth to their actual personalities and showed what they were really like.

3. Suho and Kai

Kai calls his sisters and asks if the kids miss him. I thought it would mean nieces or nephews but it turns out to be 3 adorable dogs. Kai comments about how one of his dogs got fat so him and Suho decide to take them on a walk around the Han River. The Han River is close to their dormitory (according to them) so it seems to be a popular EXO hangout.

This part just really showed them playing with the dogs. Super cute but nothing too special and is definitely only interesting for fans.

4. Baekhyun, Tao, Kris, Chanyeol, and Sehun.

Baekhyun ends up spending time with all the tall members of EXO.

The 5 end up going to Hongdae (Hongik University area). It is a popular area for young people and is where you can find the indie scene in Korea (although it is sadly dying out now). Chanyeol seems to be the resident Hongdae expert.

They start out by looking at clothes and Tao ends up asking Chanyeol to buy him something and Chanyeol ignores him. They also end up forgetting Tao behind. How do you end up forgetting someone that tall? Oh well.

The theme of today’s episode is food. They end up going to a makchang (intestine) restaurant. It turns out they never ate makchang before and end up ordering a ton and then finish off with pork belly. They decide to go for a second round of food at a spicy rice cakes restaurant and eat a ton of spicy rice cakes and talk about eating even more before they go home.

The only thing I got from this? I got hungry, EXO eats a lot, and Kris is full of crap when he says he won’t eat anything.

Overall, I think the show still needs a bit of tuning. They have the right idea but it would be nice to see a bit more depth into the members. It is nice to give non Korean fans a glimpse of what life is like in Seoul. I will look forward to episode 3! Cheers!


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