Group Blady wants to go on dates with EXO!


Editor’s note: Is it bad that the FIRST thing I thought when I read this article was, “You girls are in danger?”

Group Blady stated that they would like to go on dates (The word in Korean is 미팅 or meeting which means blind dates that take place in groups) with EXO.

They appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘K-POPPIN’ and they received attention for stating they wanted to go on dates with EXO.

DJ Isak asked during the live broadcast “If you could go on a date with any celebrity who would you chose?” and the group said “With EXO. There are no ulterior motives or rational (word choice is kind of weird here –editor) feelings behind it. We feel flutters when we see them sing on stage and we think we can learn a lot from them and we study them a lot when they perform. We just mean that we want to meet them as fans.”



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