Announcer Kim Sungjoo taks about his experiences in New Zealand with ‘Dad, Where Are We Going?’.


Kim Sungjoo uploaded a picture on his Twitter on the 9th and wrote “Watching the broadcast brought back memories. Elizabeth’s kind and warm family. I was very happy because of you.

The picture shows Elizabeth’s family with Kim Sungjoo and his two sons Kim Minguk and Kim Minyool. They all are smiling brightly and look comfortable together.

The MBC show ‘Dad, Where Are We Going’ went to New Zealand and Kim Sungjoo’s family stayed at Elizabeth’s house. The time they all spent together received a lot of attention from viewers due to the happiness.

Netizens wrote “I wanted to live in New Zealand after watching the show”, “It seems he felt a lot”, “Kids in New Zealand play very well”, “It must have been a good time” and “I am jealous.”  



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