Bom talks about the controversy (?) regarding her recent comments!


Note: Sorry for the long translation hiatus!

2NE1 member Park Bom gave an explanation regarding her recent comments about album jacket pictures that ended up becoming a controversy.

Park Bom and Lee Hi recently took pictures for their unit called ‘Bom and Hi’.

She had written on her Twitter on the 19th “There are so many pretty pictures so they should have used photoshop effects. They did not use them on me. People will think that I havea big face. Future strategy making team” and shared her complaints.

The words became a center of controversy and she ended up writing right after “Accepting a joke as fact. Bom and Hi forever.”

She also appeared on MBC Radio’s FM4U ‘Hope Songs of Noon with Kim Shin Young’ on the 19th and said “I should explain it well. I was only talking about my pictures” and “I hoped they would photoshop the pictures but it was thoughtless. I am not good with words so I should control myself from now on.”

Netizens wrote “Be careful about what you say”, “You are both pretty”, and “You need to be careful with SNS.”



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