Seohyun thanks fans for their gifts of special lunchboxes!


Girls’ Generation member Seohyun uploaded a picture on her Twitter on the 20th that showed special lunchboxes delivered to the set for her musical ‘Moon That Embraces the Sun’ by her fans.

She wrote “Seohyun/Yeonwoo and the cast of ‘Moon That Embraces the Sun’ really enjoyed the lunchboxes that were prepared with love and sincerity. I am receiving a lot of love because of it as well. You worked hard in this cold weather. I will do my best. I hope many people will come (to the musical).”

The pictures show Seohyun giving a thumbs up after receiving the lunchboxes from the fans. She shared the lunchboxes with the staff members after.

Netizens wrote “I am looking forward to the musical”, “She must be happy to act since she has these kinds of fans”, “I am moved by how Seohyun was moved”, and “The lunchboxes are pretty as sesame seeds.”



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