Kim Yoojung says her role model is actress Song Hye-kyo!


Actress Kim Yoojung said her role model is actress Song Hye-Kyo.

She appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Kim Changyeol’s Old School’ on the 23rd and shared a lot of honest thoughts.

She talked about her personal life and said “The filming for MBC weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow’ is finished and I am currently rushing to prepare for my school exams.”

She also said “There was a festival today so I had fun dancing with the other kids. I missed a lot of school due to filming. I was sad about missing school while living in Busan and Ulsan. Filming finished a week before exams so I could not study much so I listened to lectures online.”

And “I was also sad that I could not see my friends. I felt a bit down when my close friends would meet and I was the only one that could not be there. I plan to sleep during my winter holiday. I do not have any scheduled plans during the break so I will rest and I also want to see my friends.”

DJ Kim Changyeol said “You appear on ‘Golden Rainbow’ as the child counterpart of After School’s Uee and you have been the counterpart for many actresses such as UEE and Han Jihye. Which unni do you want to be like the most?”

Kim Yoojung replied “I played the child counterpart to Song Hye-kyo’s character in the movie ‘Hwang Jini’ and I want to be like her.”



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