TVXQ gives thanks to their fans on their 10th anniversary!



Group TVXQ gave thanks to their fans on their 10th anniversary.

The 26th marked their 10th anniversary and they wrote on their official website “We give thanks for all the support you have given TVXQ for ten years” and also released a video and handwritten letters to their fans.

Yunho said “After performing for 10 years, Changmin and Yunho have become senior artists” and talked about the changes that have happened and showed his gratefulness by saying “There are still fans that have been by our side.”

Changmin said “We have received so much love that is difficult for us to repay it.” Yunho became touched by Changmin’s words and said “That is cool” and Changmin brushed it off coolly by saying “It is not the first time (That I have been cool)” and laughed.

The two still have strong visuals that received attention. They wrote black suits and they were called ‘gods’ by the fans that were watching.

They will release their 7th album called ‘TENSE’ on the 6th and will have their comeback. They will start on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 3rd and go to MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 4th and SBS’s ‘Inki Gayo’ on the 5th for their first stages.


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