Super Junior’s Siwon and EXO’s Chanyeol, Sehun, and Kris attend opening for Philipp Plein store!


An event for the opening of a ‘Philipp Plein’ store at Lotte Department Store’s Avenuel took place on the 26th.

Super Junior member Siwon and EXO members Kris, Chanyeol, and Sehun made the hearts of women flutter with the smooth and strong looks they had in their eyes. Siwon and Sehun had the looks of strong handsome men while Kris and Chanyeol had a deer-like look in their eyes.

The event was attended by Super Junior’s Siwon, EXO’s Kris, Chanyeol, and Sehun, and also f(x) member Victoria.






Nana’s bare face receives attention!


Editor’s rant: I really do not know why Koreans are so bothered that Nana received 2nd place on this poll. Shouldn’t they be happy that she placed so high. It’s ok if they do not agree but not everyone has the same standards of beauty. Also, I would like to see all THEIR plain faces! End of rant

The bare of After School member Nana, who placed 2nd on a poll called ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013’ has received attention. The movie site TC Candler placed Nana 2nd place on the list after famous French actress Marion Cotillard.

This has caused a past photo of a barefaced Nana in the KBS ‘Music Bank’ waiting area to receive attention.

She is not wearing any eye makeup and shows off a different face from the big eyed look she normally has.



TVXQ gives thanks to their fans on their 10th anniversary!



Group TVXQ gave thanks to their fans on their 10th anniversary.

The 26th marked their 10th anniversary and they wrote on their official website “We give thanks for all the support you have given TVXQ for ten years” and also released a video and handwritten letters to their fans.

Yunho said “After performing for 10 years, Changmin and Yunho have become senior artists” and talked about the changes that have happened and showed his gratefulness by saying “There are still fans that have been by our side.”

Changmin said “We have received so much love that is difficult for us to repay it.” Yunho became touched by Changmin’s words and said “That is cool” and Changmin brushed it off coolly by saying “It is not the first time (That I have been cool)” and laughed.

The two still have strong visuals that received attention. They wrote black suits and they were called ‘gods’ by the fans that were watching.

They will release their 7th album called ‘TENSE’ on the 6th and will have their comeback. They will start on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 3rd and go to MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 4th and SBS’s ‘Inki Gayo’ on the 5th for their first stages.


Comedian Heo Kyung Hwan presents Choo Sarang with a special gift!


Comedian Heo Kyung Hwan’s present to Choo Sarang has received attention.

He wrote on his Twitter on the 23rd “First time I gave a bag as a gift. My love (Sarang means love in Korean). No, Choo Sarang.”

The picture shows Heo Kyung Hwan on his knees and giving Choo Sarang a Mickey Mouse bag as a gift.

Heo Kyung Hwan shows affection for Choo Sarang but she seems disinterested and made other people curious.


CL talks about approaching men!


2NE1 member CL talked shared her views about dating.

The first episode of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 3D’ had 2NE1 and DJ DOC as guests and the groups shared openly (during the show).

CL was asked by MC Mir “Did you ever get approached by men after the dating ban was lifted by YG Entertainment?”

CL answered “Never” and “If I like someone, I approach them first. I have seen good results several times.”


Seo Inguk talks about Yoona’s beauty!


Seo Inguk made an appearance on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwoo Show’.

When asked by the MC’s “Are there any female celebrities that you think are really pretty?” he answered “There are a lot that I think are pretty. First, Yoona and Son Eunseo are both really pretty.”

He also said “They are all so pretty but I end up spending time with them as friends. I get burdened if they are too pretty” and received attention for his words.  


Sunye apologizes to fans!


Sunye shared her thoughts about how activities for the Wonder Girls have not gone so smoothly.

She wrote on her Twitter account on the 24th “I am really sorry that it was through my decision that our fans could not see consistent Wonder Girls activities” and “I know that it will not be a complete comfort but I wanted to at least share my feelings” and “I hope that you will support the individual activities of the Wonder Girls”. These words were given in place of a Christmas greeting.


Yoona talks about the increase in idol actors!


Singer and actress Yoona shared her determination in being an ‘acting-dol’.

She appeared at a press conference that took place on the location for KBS 2TV’s ‘The Prime Minister and Me’ in Goyang City on the 23rd and said “There is an increase of idols that are acting” and “I will work on my competitiveness.”

Yoona said “I want to be on stage when I act and I want to act when I am stage. This feeling continues” and she said that switching from acting and singing gives her energy.

When talking about the increase of ‘acting-dols’ she said “There were not a lot of (acting-dols) before so there was a lot of pressure going into acting” and “There are so many talented people these days. They are so good that you think they are rookie actors” and showed how she was impressed with them. She also said “The pressure is lessened since the atmosphere is one where people are used to idols but that means that there is that much more competitiveness. I need my own uniqueness.”

Actor Lee Bumsoo, who stars in the drama as well, stated “Whether it is an idol or a rookie actor, I wish that people would think of acting lightly” and “Yoona is sincere and sensible. She is skilled in taking the atmosphere around her” and showed her praise.



Kim Yoojung says her role model is actress Song Hye-kyo!


Actress Kim Yoojung said her role model is actress Song Hye-Kyo.

She appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Kim Changyeol’s Old School’ on the 23rd and shared a lot of honest thoughts.

She talked about her personal life and said “The filming for MBC weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow’ is finished and I am currently rushing to prepare for my school exams.”

She also said “There was a festival today so I had fun dancing with the other kids. I missed a lot of school due to filming. I was sad about missing school while living in Busan and Ulsan. Filming finished a week before exams so I could not study much so I listened to lectures online.”

And “I was also sad that I could not see my friends. I felt a bit down when my close friends would meet and I was the only one that could not be there. I plan to sleep during my winter holiday. I do not have any scheduled plans during the break so I will rest and I also want to see my friends.”

DJ Kim Changyeol said “You appear on ‘Golden Rainbow’ as the child counterpart of After School’s Uee and you have been the counterpart for many actresses such as UEE and Han Jihye. Which unni do you want to be like the most?”

Kim Yoojung replied “I played the child counterpart to Song Hye-kyo’s character in the movie ‘Hwang Jini’ and I want to be like her.”