Big Bang to add another concert date in Seoul!


Group Big Bang will be adding another date to their concert next year.

Information from their company YG Entertainment stated that Big Bang would be having a concert on the 25th and 26th of next month at the Olympic Park called ‘‘2014 BIGBANG +α IN SEOUL’ but they will be adding another date on the 24th due to requests from fans.

A representative stated “The concert was sold out as soon as ticket sales were opened and it was difficult for fans and even staff of YG to get tickets to the event they were looking forward to” and shared why they added another date.

This will be the first time in a year that the group will be on the domestic stage together after their ‘Live Galaxy Tour The Final’ from last year. They stood together during their Japanese tour and for the MAMA but this will be the first time in a year in Korea.



G Dragon, Seungri and TOP wish you an early Merry Christmas!


Editor’s note: I decided to stop translating the netizen comments since some of them are just plain dumb and it does not really add anything to the article itself.

G Dragon uploaded a picture on his Twitter on the 23rd with the words “Early Christmas” and “I hope that all of you will have a good Christmas. Be Happy.” Taeyang wrote “Are we cute?” and uploaded a picture.

The picture shows G Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri holding a snowman and smiling widely. They are all wearing unique clothes in the picture.



Jung Hyung Don claims that G Dragon is really good at playing hard to get!


G Dragon member has been named the king of playing hard to get.

He appeared on MBC Every1’s ‘Weekly Idol’ that was broadcast on the 4th. He was asked “Pick a charming point about yourself that helped you stay on top of the charts.” He replied “I do not know” and asked his close friend Jung Hyung Don to choose for him.

Jung Hyung Don said “G Dragon has a lethal charm. He plays hard to get to the point where you are going to go crazy.” He also said “After the end of ‘Infinity Challenge’, two weeks passed and I had sent him two messages. I thought ‘This must be the end since the broadcast ended’ but that was when he replied. I marked the date that he replied to me on the calendar” and his remarks brought forth a lot of laughter.

The MC’s asked again “Pick a charming point about yourself” and G Dragon said “I do not know. I think it is my personality. I’m cute, right?” and made the MC’s laugh. G Dragon appeared on ‘Infinity Challenge’s ‘Free Music Festival’ and worked together with Jung Hyung Don.


G Dragon asks “Why so serious?”



G Dragon uploaded a selca in which he looks serious.

He uploaded the picture on his Instagram with the words “Why so serious.”

The picture shows a G Dragon’s face in a panorama style and he has a bit of a serious expression on his face. He has a clean haircut and shows off his cute charm while blowing air into his cheeks.

Netizens wrote “Did something happen?”, “He is so cute”, and “Did he use the lyrics to ‘Crayon’?”


Seungri’s reaction to Trouble Maker’s performance becomes a hot topic online!


Editor’s note: LOL! This reminds me of the Smith family reaction to Lady Gaga!

The reaction of Big Bang member Seungri to the kiss performance of group Trouble Maker has become a hot topic.

The ‘2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ took place at Hong Kong’s AWE and group Trouble Maker performed. They had their shockingly sexy choreography and also showed off a kiss.

The singers that were in the audience had many vivid reactions. Big Bang member Seungri was captured on camera. He was first shown bobbing his head to the music while clapping. However, when the highlight of the performance (the kiss) happened, he laughed while covering his mouth with his hands.

Netizens wrote “There was someone who the same reaction as me while on camera and that person was Seungri”, and “He is cute when he laughs.”


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G Dragon praises Jung Hyung Don.


G Dragon gave praise to Jung Hyung Don.

G Dragon gained attention for praising Jung Hyung Don as he had worked on music with him.

He had appeared on KBS 2’s ‘Entertainment Central’ and he said “I get burdened by the ‘genius artist’ label” and showed off his humility. G Dragon said “I am not a genius but rather hardworking” and “The genius is not me but Jung Hyung Don. He has so many ideas. I was surprised.”

He also said “I would like Jung Hyung Don to sign to YG not as a singer but as an actor. I would like that idea” and “Jung Hyung Don lives close to the YG building and he is constantly around the area” and brought forth laughter with his statement.

Netizens wrote “They must really be close”, “I would like them to be really close”, and “I can see Jung Hyung Don having a lot of ideas.”