Crayon Pop performs a special version of their cylinder dance!


Crayon Pop performed their song ‘Bar Bar Bar’ at the 2013 KBS ‘Music Festival’  on the 27th.

The song is a lively dance song and is known for the ‘5 cylinder dance’. The group was also able to place first on a major music show through the song.

They did not wear their usual training outfits and went up a level with feather skirts that showed off their cute charms. They also danced with many dancers making their dance a ’100 cylinder dance’.



Crayon Pop move into a new dormitory!


Group Crayon Pop moved into a new dormitory after the success of their song ‘Bar Bar Bar’.

They went to a high quality apartment on the 11th floor of a building in Gangnam’s Nonhyeondong.

They appeared on MBC’s ‘We Like People’ on the 9th and they showed off their moving preparations. The group had previously lived in a townhouse with two rooms and an attached bathroom and it was previously shown on a broadcast. It was quite small for five members to live there. However, the new dormitory has a clean interior, security, and is also close to their agency Chrome Entertianment.

They received 1st on a music program through ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and have even filmed advertisements. They are currently preparing for a new album.


Crayon Pop films a cf for Cafe Bene!


Group Crayon Pop has been chosen to represent the coffee shop Cafe Bene.

The brand revealed this information on the 4th and Crayon Pop will advertise for a menu item for the fall called ‘Jumping Up and Down Red Bean’ through a music video.

The song will use their popular song ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and will show the special characteristics of the menu item. It will have an addictive sound and melody along with easy lyrics that will introduce the healthy red bean porridge. The video was filmed on the 3rd at Nodeul Island and the Cafe Bene in Sinsa.

The group arrived on site early and appeared in the video as people that share the happiness through the red bean porridge. They again showed off their trademark cylinder dance and received admiration from those watching. Workers from Cafe Bene and youth volunteers also paricipated and 200 people showed offf the dance. Their dance was great watch and gave off a pleasant vibe.


Crayon Pop talks about the hardships they faced as unknowns!


Group Crayon Pop talked about the difficulties they faced when they were unknowns.

The group, who become famous for their song ‘Bar Bar Bar and their cylinder dance’, appeared on MBC’s documentary show ‘We Like People’ that was broadcast on the morning of the 28th.

 The show revealed what it was like for Crayon Pop in the past. Fans were saddened when seeing what they dealt with in the winter of last year when they were still unknown.

 They went out in the cold wearing only their tracksuits and danced in the street to promote themselves. They had signs that read “We are Crayon Pop. We will take pictures with you.”

 The head of their agency Chrome Entertainment stated “They had guerilla performances on the street in the cold weather. When I saw them suffering in the street, I felt apologetic towards their parents. I thought that I needed to work hard to make them popular.”


Crayon Pop suffered from heat rash due to their signature helmets!


Crayn Pop talked about problems they faced due to their signature helmets!

They appeared on MBC’s ‘A Feel Good Day on the 23rd which showed their ‘Sharing Food of Love’ volunteering activity.

Member Soyul stated while going to their bus “Things started to appear on our heads because of the helmets. We had to receive treatment from the dermatologist due to heat rash.”

She also stated “We wore helmets for so long that people tell us that we are pretty when we take them off.”

The group also talked about the overseas ‘love calls’ and stated “We are not doing activities abroad but we keep getting reactions. We hope many people will call us. We can take an airplane and fly” and shared their happiness.


Crayon Pop’s Elin has an accident on stage!


Member Elin of group Crayon Pop slipped during a performance in the rain and moved the hearts of ans.

 Crayon Pop performed ‘Bar Bar Bar’ at the festival for Sungkyunkwan University on the 10th in the rain.

 They were dancing smoothly in the rain when member Elin jumped up and then slipped when she came down to the ground. However, she did not show any signs of being hurt and gave a slight embarrassed smile and continued the performance to the loud applause of fans.

 Fans supported the group by taking off their rain jackets and throwing them at the group.

 A representative from Crayon Pop’s company stated, “Crayon Pop started performing at university festivals at Suwon’s Sungkyunkwan University and are planned to tour ten universities in Korea.”

 Crayon Pop released ‘Bar Bar Bar 2.0 (Global Version)’ on Youtube’s VEVO channel on the 8th and received over 570,000 views in 45 hours.