Infinite talks about their 2014 plans with Billboard.

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Hoya has the most male fans out of all the members in Infinite?


The fact that Infinite’s Hoya has the most male fans out of all the members in the group has received attention.

He appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Youngstreet’ on the 19th with the members of Infinite and the group showed off their speaking skills.

When asked if “Do many male fans come to the tours?” the group focused on Hoya and laughed.

There was a reason for the laughter. Sunggyu said “After the drama (Reply 1997), Hoya has an unrivaled amount of popularity with men. L was the one that was popular but Hoya became first after the drama.”

The other members said “Hoya has a charm that even men can see because he dances well and has a strong charm” and they focused on his charms.

Netizens wrote “He even is popular among men”, “I am jealous of his popularity”, and “The power of ‘Reply 1997’ is strong.”



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Smtown released a promotional SEASON’S GREETING video featuring TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, GIRLS’ GENERATION, SHINee, f(x), EXO and INFINITE. You can get the 2014 SEASON’S GREETING Calender, Scheduler, DVD and Package by visiting the website below.

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Woolim Entertainment talks about relationship between L and Kim Doyeon.


Infinite member L’s agency Woolim Entertainment confirmed that there was a relationship between L and Kim Doyeon on their official website on the 26th.

A representative from the agency said “During September, when the relationship was first reported, we knew that they had been meeting for about four months.”

The representative also said “L confirmed that he was meeting Kim Doyeon but the agency did not confirm the relationship in order to protect the artist” and “We sincerely apologize about that.”

Finally, the representative said “We know that the two have not been able to meet since September due to public scrutiny and also the world tour and that they have become estranged” and “We do not want L, Kim Doyeon, or the fans to be hurt anymore due to this.”

Kim Doyeon previously wrote on her Twitter “When the rumors spread I did not say anything due to the agency’s (L’s agency) request but I cannot just look at the personal attacks anymore” and shared her personal thoughts.

This was Kim Doyeon confirming that she had dated L.

Netizens wrote “Why is Infinite’s agency like that?”, “It is not bad to date”, “Our country needs to change how they view dating” and “They ended badly.”


Infinite receives a lot of love during their world tour!


Group Infinite started their world tour in Seoul and successfully completed their concerts in Asia and now are planning to have their first concert in LA called ‘ONE GREAT STEP’.

A representative for the world tour stated “They will be having a concert in Los Angeles at 8 p.m. on November 9th at the NOKIA Theatre LA Live” and “The concert preparations are almost complete.”

They will then have a concert at San Jose at the Event Center at San Jose University on the 11th, in Washington D.C at ‘The Fillmore Silver Spring on the 13th, and then to New York on the 16th where they will have their concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom Manhattan Center Studio. Fans are greatly anticipating the concerts.

They will then continue on to Europe and have a concert in London on November 27th and then a concert in Paris, France on December 1st.



They will finish their concert tour in Dubai.

What 4 idol stars were picked as quadruplets by netizens?


The ‘non related quadruplets’ have become a topic of attention among netizens.

 An online community uploaded pictures with the title ‘Quadruplet idols that are not related’. The pictures show four male students in their school uniforms. They all have similar hairstyles and are all wearing glasses and they all look like the same person.

 However, the pictures are of Beast’s Doojoon, B1A4’s Sandeul, Infinite’s Hoya, and EXO’s Xiumin.

Netizens replied “I thought they were the same person. They really look alike”, “I see their faces now”, “They all have different charms but they look alike there”, and “I was surprised. I thought they were the same person.”