Kim Soohyun looks like


The resemblance between actor Kim Soohyun and Lee Junsu, the son of actor Lee Jonghyuk, has been receiving attention.

An online community site uploaded several pictures with the words ‘JunSooHyun’ (Junsu and Soohyun).

The pictures show various captures of Kim Soohyun and Junsu.

The fact that the two resemble each other received attention. Their dark skin, small faces, dimples, and the wrinkles they get when they smile were all similar.




Junsu to record an album featuring the song of the late Kim Kwang Suk!


Kim Junsu will be releasing a special album in celebration of the opening of the musical ‘December: The Never Ending Song’ which will be filled with the songs of the late Kim Kwang Suk.

Kim Junsu plays the character of Jiwook in the musical who is dealing with the coldness of his first love. The album will have the never before released song called ‘December’, and will also include the songs ‘The Letter of the Private’, ‘Love That Hurt Was Not Love at All’ and ‘Because of Love’. The album will have the representative songs of Kim Kwang Suk and will also have newly arranged songs of his as well.

Junsu previously said during the showcase of the musical that “Being able to sing the song ‘December’ was more than enough reason to participate in the musical.”

The album will be released sometime in December.


Junsu hopes you will show love for his musical ‘December’!


Kim Junsu participated in a showcase for the musical ‘December: The Never Ending Song’ at Seoul’s Sejong Theater on the 31st and is seen posing for the reporters.

The musical ‘December’ celebrates the 50th birthday of Kim Kwangsuk and has 18 songs that he performed, 4 songs he wrote, and also 2 songs that have not been released previously for a total of 24 songs in the musical.

Film director Jang Jin is the director for the musical and features Kim Junsu and many other performers.


Junsu wins ‘Popular Star Award’ at the ‘Korea Musical Awards’


Actor Kim Jusu has won the ‘Popular Star Award’ for four years running.

The 19th ‘Korea Musical Awards’ took place at the Peace Hall at Kyunghee University on the evening of the 7th. Hosts were the well matched actors Yoon Joonsang and Oh Manseok.

Actor Hong Jimin and representative of Seol and Company, president Seol Doyoon presented Cho Sengwoo, Kim Junsu, Kim Sohyun and Ok Juhyun with ‘Popular Star Awards’.

Kim Junsu, who has won this award for four years in a row stated “I want to give thanks first. I gladly came here from Japan to present the ‘Best Actor Award’ but I am happy to win an award.”

He also stated “I say this frequently but it means a lot to me as this comes from the audience”and “I want to thank everyone who believed and trusted in me when I first started musicals.”

He finished his speech by saying “Please show love to my next project ‘December’.”


Junsu shows off Jaejoong’s signature!



JYJ member Kim Junsu showed off an autograph that he received for Kim Jaejoong.

He uploaded a picture on his twitter on the 24th with the words, “Hello! I received an autograph from Jaejoong hyung~ hehe.”

In the picture, Junsu has a smile on his face and is looking towards the camera. He is showing off a t-shirt that has Jaejoong’s signature on it and showed off the warm friendship that the members have with each other.

Jaejoong released his first solo album called ‘I’ on the 17th and it has sold 60,00 copies in 5 days and is showing its strength.

Netizens wrote, “Kim Junsu is cute”, “It is good that they are showing their friendship with each other”, and “When are they coming on screen?”

Junsu successfully finished his holiday solo concert called ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’.


JYJ’s Junsu: “I will never forget the name TVXQ”.


JYJ’s Kim Junsu met with reporters at Essen Germany’s Sheraton Hotel and talked the mutual agreement that happened between them and SM Entertainment. He also stated, “I will not forget the name of TVXQ and will always remember it”.

Seoul’s Central Court has stated in regards of the voluntary arbitration that all the contractual agreement effects between JYJ (Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu) and their former agency SM Entertainment will be considered to have ended on July 31, 2009.

Junsu spoke about this by stating, “I have always said ‘ I wish that it would end quickly’ and I felt taken aback because it ended so quickly” and “Regardless of the outcome, it is an inspiring solution. I will to have to talk about it with the members”.

Furthermore, “There has not been many things that I have earned during that time. I have not been portrayed in a positive way so it was a bit irritating. There is a big difference between now and 3 years and 4 months ago. I hope that it will be stepping point for our hoobaes* to be able to perform in a positive environment”.

He also stated, “I have never given up on the name TVXQ. I just have sadness about the unfair things, but it was not about leaving TVXQ. That is why it is a more irritating situation and that is why I am sorry towards the fans”

*Hoobae means someone who is in the same position (school or work) who started later than you.


How do JYJ and TVXQ feel about each other now?


Going on separate paths. How do JYJ and TVXQ feel about each other?

 Groups TVXQ and JYJ have finished the long legal battles and now are able to go their own ways. It has been 3 years and 4 months since they have been opposite of each other. 
A representative from SM Entertainment stated on the 28th to the Asia Economic, “It seems as if the name of TVXQ has been seen discussed by people in a negative way since the three have left. This current decision has meaning to so that Yunho and Changmin can now avoid any further damage”.
The representative continued by saying, “TVXQ can now resume a new position. As they have been able to shake off the things that needed to be shaken off, they will go forth  as the vanguard of the Hallyu wave with energetic performances”.
JYJ’s side also spoke on the matter, “We have thought that we have won this battle ever since we have given our provisional injunctions three years ago. The fact that JYJ had their promotions blocked was not a legal matter but one of a fight between David and Goliath”.
They continued by stating, “JYJ will go forth in a way that only they can and we will also have promotions based on how we have planned them. We also hope that as this mediation has materialized that the various restrictions that were placed on them due to the legal battles will be resolved”.