Kim Soohyun looks like


The resemblance between actor Kim Soohyun and Lee Junsu, the son of actor Lee Jonghyuk, has been receiving attention.

An online community site uploaded several pictures with the words ‘JunSooHyun’ (Junsu and Soohyun).

The pictures show various captures of Kim Soohyun and Junsu.

The fact that the two resemble each other received attention. Their dark skin, small faces, dimples, and the wrinkles they get when they smile were all similar.




(Photo Post) Kim Soohyun at event for Maserati!


The Maserati Seoul exhibition center had a launching event for the ‘Ghibli’ in Seoul’s Shinsadong on the morning of the 30th

 Actor Kim Soohyun is posing at the exhibit.


Kim Soohyun spotted at university!



Kim Soohyun was spotted on campus and even from far away, he looks like a celebrity.

Pictures of actor Kim Soohyun at university has become the center of attention. Pictures were uploaded on an online community message board with the words, “Kim Soohyun comes to campus and all the girls start following him.”

In the pictures, Kim Soohyun is dressed in a comfortable outfit that includes jeans and a hat and looks like a normal college student. He is among a bunch of female students and is also taking pictures for the students. The fact that even among all the students, his small face shows off his perfect proportions gained attention.

Netizens wrote, “He is the standard of handsome”, “His proportions are the best”, “He looks like a celebrity right away” and “I am envious of the students that saw him.”


Lee Junki was jealous of other actors while he was not promoting!


Actor Lee Junki spoke honestly about watching his junior actors perform while he was absent from the industry.

He appeared on the SBS talk show ‘Healing Camp’ that was broadcast on the 28th and confessed about his worries during his two year absence.

He stated, “My stomach hurt with jealousy while watching Yoo Ah In, Song Joongki, and Kim Soohyun’s acting” and “I wondered if I had that sense of acting as they did.”

He shared the difficulties he went through emotionally while being absent  and stated, “I keep having daily dreams in which I was frozen like a tree while I was on set.”