Narsha heats up the ‘Immortal Song’ stage!


Narsha lived up to her ‘adult-dol’ title.

She appeared on the KBS 2TV show ‘Immortal Song’ for the Taejina episode and sang a version of the Taejina song ‘Companion’ in a sexy manner.

She had strong smoky eye makeup and wore a captivating red dress and showed off a dance.

Singer Taejina praised the performance and said that Narsha’s version was similar to the original version of his song.  



Narsha and Miryo to team up!


The first unit from Brown Eyed Girls has been formed.

Following reports from their agency on the 4th, it has been revealed that members Narsha and Miryo will the group’s first unit.

The duo’s comeback date, concept, team and team name are still undecided.

 Netizens wrote “I am so excited!”, “Narsha will sing and Miryo will rap. I am so excited for this!”, and “Charisma vs. sexy? Which concept will they take?


Narsha talks about the risque Brown Eyed Girls concert!



Narsha shared her true feeling about Brown Eyed Girls’ 19+ rated concert.

She appeared on MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ on the 23rd with actor Joowon and comedian Kim Won Hyo who are also working on dubbing for an animation and they all had a good time together.

Narsha stated, “We will be having a concert soon and we are the first group to have such a rated concert. It will be risque, fun, and also moving.”

Reporter Heo Sung Wook said “Being 19+ is moving?” and Narsha replied “You are moved by seeing bare skin” and made everyone around her laugh.


Did Narsha go to the plastic surgeon?


A photo of Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha on a bed in a plastic surgeon’s office has emerged.

The Brown Eyed Girls will be appearing on tvN’s ‘SNL Korea’ on the 15th and will be giving an enthusiastic performance in a shocking music video that places plastic surgery as the subject. 

They are singing ‘Plastic Face’ to the tune of Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’. They will be defending the desire of women wanting to be more beautiful through plastic surgery. The song will be attacking those individuals that call women who get surgery as plastic monsters. The group will also be showing off their changing selves in Gangnam which is considered the plastic surgery mecca of Korea. Narsha is shown lying down on the bed pre-surgery and has lines drawn on her face. The fact that the members of the group have already admitted surgery is expected to draw more anticipation. It will be broadcast at 11 p.m. in the evening.