Super Show 5 live in Japan DVD and Blu-ray teaser!

Super Show 5 live in Japan DVD and Blu-ray will be released January 29th, 2014.

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Super Junior’s Siwon and EXO’s Chanyeol, Sehun, and Kris attend opening for Philipp Plein store!


An event for the opening of a ‘Philipp Plein’ store at Lotte Department Store’s Avenuel took place on the 26th.

Super Junior member Siwon and EXO members Kris, Chanyeol, and Sehun made the hearts of women flutter with the smooth and strong looks they had in their eyes. Siwon and Sehun had the looks of strong handsome men while Kris and Chanyeol had a deer-like look in their eyes.

The event was attended by Super Junior’s Siwon, EXO’s Kris, Chanyeol, and Sehun, and also f(x) member Victoria.





Lee Teuk’s sister has yet to visit him in the army!


Editor’s note: I decided to stop translating the netizen comments since some of them are just plain dumb and it does not really add anything to the article itself.

Super Junior member Lee Teuk’s sister showed her love for her brother.

Actress Park Inyoung (Lee Teuk’s sister) appeared on the episode of SBS’s ‘Go 1000 songs’ that was broadcast on the 20th and was in a team with singer Shin ShinAe.

MC Lee Hweejae said “Park Inyoung is Lee Teuk’s sister. Have you visited him yet?” and she replied “I am planning to visit soon.” Lee Teuk is currently serving in the military.

Lee Hweejae then said “You have not visited him yet?” and showed his doubt and Park Inyoung said “I am thinking of visiting him with a surprise gift. I am preparing it now” and her words left many people curious (about what the gift was).  


Get your 2014 SEASON’S GREETING Calender, Scheduler, DVD and Package featuring TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, GIRLS’ GENERATION, SHINee, f(x), EXO and INFINITE.

Smtown released a promotional SEASON’S GREETING video featuring TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, GIRLS’ GENERATION, SHINee, f(x), EXO and INFINITE. You can get the 2014 SEASON’S GREETING Calender, Scheduler, DVD and Package by visiting the website below.

Source: SMTOWN

Heechul wants to appear on ‘We Got Married’!


Editor’s note: I legitimately laughed at this picture. Nice choice of picture, reporter.

Kim Heechul talked about how he would like to appear on ‘We Got Married’.

He mentioned in a recent interview “I have become a more sneaky person than before” and “Since I am more easygoing and sly, I think I can appear on any version of ‘We Got Married’ whether it is the Korean or international version and do a really good job.”

He also said “I even think that if liked the person (that he went on the show with) that I could even marry that person.”

 Netizens wrote “Oppa, you can’t go on the show”, “He was already sly”, and “I think he would do a really good job.”



Ryeowook shares a picture taken with EXO’s Xiumin!


Super Junior member Ryeowook shared a picture he took with EXO member Xiumin. The two are both artists within SM Entertainment.

Ryeowook had uploaded the picture on his Twitter on the 28th with the words “SMTOWN in Tokyo, Ryeowook and Xiumin.”

The picture shows the two posing comfortably towards the camera. They are both wearing black jackets and white shirts and smiling warmly.

Netizens wrote “Xiumin shot a music video with Kim Yoojung”, “They seem as if they are close”, “They are both handsome”, “Xiumin, please release the music video you shot with Ki Yoojung”, “Xiumin, Where is Kim Yoojung”, and “Xiumin matches more with Ryeowook than Kim Yoojung.”

Editor’s note: I really hope Kim Yoojung does not get any hate for that music video!


Eunhyuk and Donghae have a meal with EXO (Note about correct translation of tweet included)!


Note: There has been some issues with the translation of Eunhyuk’s tweet on other sites. He clearly says that he (Eunhyuk) should treat the EXO members more often. It also makes more sense culturally as elders usually treat their juniors to meals.

A picture of EXO members having a meal has gained the attention of netizens.

Member Eunhyuk of senior group Super Junior uploaded a picture on his Twitter on the 18th with the words “I should buy these guys meals often. I will eat a lot too (Eunhae + EXO).

The picture shows Super Junior members Eunhyuk and Donghae with EXO members Suho, Chanyeol, Sehun, and Kai and they look like they are enjoying a meal together.

All are either sticking their thumbs up or making v signs with their fingers and each have their own individual poses that gained attention.

Netizens wrote “They all have small faces”, “I want to have a meal together as well”, “They are all so cool.”


Kangin, Donghae,and Ryeowook enjoy some chicken!


The members of Super Junior had ‘chicken party!’.

Member Donghae uploaded a picture on his Instagram with the words “Kangin hyung bought me chicken for my birthday. Thank you.”

The picture shows Donghae, Kangin, and Ryeowook dressed comfortably and are sitting around a table while enjoying some chicken. They are celebrating Donghae’s birthday that was on the 15th.

Netizens wrote “The chicken party is quite small”, “Where are the other members?”, “They are charming during their daily lives as well.”