Soccer player Koo Jacheol chooses Rainbow’s Noeul as his ideal type.


The fact that soccer player Koo Jacheol chose Rainbow’s Noeul as his idea type has become the subject of conversation.

He went through an ideal type ‘World Cup’ competition on his talk concert titled ‘Good to see you, Koo’ last month on the 27th. 

He was deep in thought as he had to choose between SISTAR’s Bora, Brown Eyed GIrls’ Narsha, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, Son Dambi, IU and others. The final round was between Noeul and IU. He could not decide easily but decided on Noeul at the end. The host stated, “You are close to Rainbow’s Go Woori so you can ask her to make a connection” and also incited him by saying “You are even the same age.” Koo Jacheol seemed surprised and could not talk easily.

Noeul has caught the attention of males since she has a cute appearance as a member of the group Rainbow. She is also famous for having been close to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon during her school days.





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