Narsha heats up the ‘Immortal Song’ stage!


Narsha lived up to her ‘adult-dol’ title.

She appeared on the KBS 2TV show ‘Immortal Song’ for the Taejina episode and sang a version of the Taejina song ‘Companion’ in a sexy manner.

She had strong smoky eye makeup and wore a captivating red dress and showed off a dance.

Singer Taejina praised the performance and said that Narsha’s version was similar to the original version of his song.  



Former U Kiss member Dongho is doing well!


The current situation of former U Kiss member Dongho has received attention.

U Kiss member Kisup uploaded pictures he took with Dongho on his Twitter on the 27th and wrote “My cute dongseng. You have been doing well and have been healthy! I was supposed to take good care of you and watch out for you and my heart hurts whenever I see you. I will take care of you in the future! I love you my dongseng, you rascal.”

Dongho had previously revealed in October that “My desires to be a celebrity has lessened and I am not suitable for life as a singer” and talked about why he left the group.


Crayon Pop performs a special version of their cylinder dance!


Crayon Pop performed their song ‘Bar Bar Bar’ at the 2013 KBS ‘Music Festival’  on the 27th.

The song is a lively dance song and is known for the ‘5 cylinder dance’. The group was also able to place first on a major music show through the song.

They did not wear their usual training outfits and went up a level with feather skirts that showed off their cute charms. They also danced with many dancers making their dance a ’100 cylinder dance’.


EXO performs at the KBS ‘Music Festival’


Group EXO heated up the 2013 KBS ‘Music Festival’ which looked back at the year in Korean pop.

They performed their hit song of the year ‘Growl’ after the king of music Cho Yong Pil on the 27th at the festival.

They performed twice during the festival. They held flags during the beginning of the performance and showed off a grand stage during their introductory performance that received a lot of attention. They then performed ‘Growl’. They were wearing school uniform type outfits and the fans cheered them on.

They also performed a different version of the song that included a break in the song and showed off their charms.



Big Bang to add another concert date in Seoul!


Group Big Bang will be adding another date to their concert next year.

Information from their company YG Entertainment stated that Big Bang would be having a concert on the 25th and 26th of next month at the Olympic Park called ‘‘2014 BIGBANG +α IN SEOUL’ but they will be adding another date on the 24th due to requests from fans.

A representative stated “The concert was sold out as soon as ticket sales were opened and it was difficult for fans and even staff of YG to get tickets to the event they were looking forward to” and shared why they added another date.

This will be the first time in a year that the group will be on the domestic stage together after their ‘Live Galaxy Tour The Final’ from last year. They stood together during their Japanese tour and for the MAMA but this will be the first time in a year in Korea.


Kim Soohyun looks like


The resemblance between actor Kim Soohyun and Lee Junsu, the son of actor Lee Jonghyuk, has been receiving attention.

An online community site uploaded several pictures with the words ‘JunSooHyun’ (Junsu and Soohyun).

The pictures show various captures of Kim Soohyun and Junsu.

The fact that the two resemble each other received attention. Their dark skin, small faces, dimples, and the wrinkles they get when they smile were all similar.



Super Junior’s Siwon and EXO’s Chanyeol, Sehun, and Kris attend opening for Philipp Plein store!


An event for the opening of a ‘Philipp Plein’ store at Lotte Department Store’s Avenuel took place on the 26th.

Super Junior member Siwon and EXO members Kris, Chanyeol, and Sehun made the hearts of women flutter with the smooth and strong looks they had in their eyes. Siwon and Sehun had the looks of strong handsome men while Kris and Chanyeol had a deer-like look in their eyes.

The event was attended by Super Junior’s Siwon, EXO’s Kris, Chanyeol, and Sehun, and also f(x) member Victoria.





Nana’s bare face receives attention!


Editor’s rant: I really do not know why Koreans are so bothered that Nana received 2nd place on this poll. Shouldn’t they be happy that she placed so high. It’s ok if they do not agree but not everyone has the same standards of beauty. Also, I would like to see all THEIR plain faces! End of rant

The bare of After School member Nana, who placed 2nd on a poll called ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013’ has received attention. The movie site TC Candler placed Nana 2nd place on the list after famous French actress Marion Cotillard.

This has caused a past photo of a barefaced Nana in the KBS ‘Music Bank’ waiting area to receive attention.

She is not wearing any eye makeup and shows off a different face from the big eyed look she normally has.



TVXQ gives thanks to their fans on their 10th anniversary!



Group TVXQ gave thanks to their fans on their 10th anniversary.

The 26th marked their 10th anniversary and they wrote on their official website “We give thanks for all the support you have given TVXQ for ten years” and also released a video and handwritten letters to their fans.

Yunho said “After performing for 10 years, Changmin and Yunho have become senior artists” and talked about the changes that have happened and showed his gratefulness by saying “There are still fans that have been by our side.”

Changmin said “We have received so much love that is difficult for us to repay it.” Yunho became touched by Changmin’s words and said “That is cool” and Changmin brushed it off coolly by saying “It is not the first time (That I have been cool)” and laughed.

The two still have strong visuals that received attention. They wrote black suits and they were called ‘gods’ by the fans that were watching.

They will release their 7th album called ‘TENSE’ on the 6th and will have their comeback. They will start on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 3rd and go to MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 4th and SBS’s ‘Inki Gayo’ on the 5th for their first stages.